Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Azerbaijani and Ukrainian dance couples are switching partners

Azerbaijani participants of Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina organized a three-day visit to Kyiv. In Ukraine they finalized production of video materials for the postcard for the contest with famous Ukrainian director Oles Sanin, had a studio portfolio photosession and almost finished working on their soundtrack «The Phantom of Opera» in new arrangement. In last day of their visit on the 14th of August Eldar and Anna met with Ukrainian participants of contest and unexpectedly switching partners during friendly master-class.

During a three-day visit to Kyiv Azerbaijani dance couple Eldar & Anna didn’t miss their chance to meet one of their competitors on the Contest Ukrainian dance couple. They had a short training session in one of local dance rooms where Azerbaijani couple demonstrated elements of Azerbaijani ethnic dance “Land of Fires” for Ukrainian contestants. For Liliya Podkopaeva and her partner Serhij Kostetskiy it was quite difficult to learn movements from the Azerbaijani dance because for both of them it was something unique.

After some time Eldar suggested switching partners for passionate rumba dance. “We will organize Azerbaijani dance party in Glasgow and invite you in advance. So now we have great opportunity for practice how we will dance there” told Eldar and start dancing with Liliya. Regardless to significant difference in height, first dance try turned out to be successful for them as they caught the moment of mutual understanding. This even made Anna a bit jealous, as she and Eldar are not only dance-couple but as well life-couple.

Performing in front of many journalists, photographers and cameras, Azerbaijani couple couldn’t escape giving interviews and posing for pictures. Afterwards Eurovision Dance Contest participants exchanged gifts. Eldar and Anna presented an old-fashioned Azerbaijani knife and flowers. Dancing acquaintance probably would never end, if Eldar & Anna didn’t have to catch their flight back to Baku. At the end of the meeting couples quickly shared experience and impression of their preparing to final show in Glasgow on September 6th.

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