Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Performance: The Phantom of the Opera

Performance of Anna and Eldar is easy to name the most unexpected mix of Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. Young and attractive couple from the only newcomer of this contest Azerbaijan will perform dance based on the song from famous Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical The Phantom of the Opera. In 2 minutes appearance they’ll combine 3 absolutely different parts (!):

1st part is ballroom and it is contains elements of foxtrot and passionate tango.

2nd part is Latin and it is includes elements and movements of romantic and sexual dances rumba and passo.

3rd and the most important part of their performance is called Land of Fires and it is includes elements of the Azerbaijani national ethnic dances.

“We used national elements at the beginning of our performance to give audience possibility to feel the real atmosphere of Azerbaijan and our national dance culture. After Land of Fires audience will see a passo division and all other dancing parts of our performance” – told Eldar Dzhafarov.

The main idea of Azerbaijani performance – dreams become true!

In musical phantom Erik is a master for young Christine. With Erik’s help Christine becomes the best singer in the Opera house and in such way her secret dream becomes real.

In dance performance Phantom of the Opera Eldar will be master for Anna. They try to put story from musical on the language of dance. This evening (6th of September at 21:00 CET) the secret dream of Anna will become real. With the help of her master she will dance for millions of people as her life and faith will get a new beautiful meaning!

Music. Eldar & Anna will perform dance on the song by Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley from The Phantom of the Opera in new unexpected arrangement with elements of Azerbaijani ethnic music.

Costumes of the couple number 04 will also contain national elements.

Order of their performance at EDC is 4!

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