Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Press about us!

"The most romantic couple at this Eurovision Dance Cpntest was couple from Azerbaijan: hot dances Eldar Dzhafarov proposed to his partner Anna Sazhina during live broadcasting" -

"Azerbaijan couple Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina performed the most original dance enterpritation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical The Phantom f the Opera" -

"It is a great result for us. We are back to Azerbaijan totally impressed and happy with it. We are grateful to Eldar and Anna for such representation of Azerbaijan and its dancing culture (traditions) in Europe!", - said after contest the head of Azerbaijan deligation Adil Keremli." -

"Highlights of the evening from the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (I once saw Blur there. And Bjorn Again) included the Azeri gentleman doing everything Baku's way by proposing to his partner during the post-dance chat with hostess Claudia Winkleman." -

"Azerbaijan couple was great - nice, beautiful lines, full romance and great style." -

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eldar & Anna: Our love is stronger than any results!

The debut of Azerbaijan couple on EDC 2008 finished with a very pleasant scandal! Just after their dance during interview to show’s host Claudia Winkelman Eldar Dzhafarov officially proposed to his partner Anna Sazhina in the eyes of millions of viewers of live broadcast. It was Eldar’s way to show to Anna and the whole world that his feelings to Anna are true and that he really wants to marry her. Anna was very impressed when Eldar answered show’s host question “Are you really going to married in case of your victory at Eurovision Dance Contest?” with kneeling before his partner and presenting her with beautiful diamond ring. Anna was so touched that she couldn’t even answered, she just couldn’t control herself and her feelings. Audience of SECC was very impressed with Eldar’s present and was trying to help Anna with their applauses. But the technical personal and operations stuff were the most impressed because this part wasn’t in show’s script at all!

Azerbaijan couple took the 5th place at the first Eurovision Dance Contest for their country. A few days before during the press-conference Eldar said that he proposed to Anna but she answered that she will marry him in case of their victory at Eurovision Dance Contest. After official results of the contest Anna apologized to Eldar for testing the straight of his feelings to her. She put her ring on and said that she will marry her dance partner. “Before I was thinking about the contest only as well as Eldar. When everything was finished and we knew results I’ve understood that it is not so important whether we win or not. Our love stronger that any results and contests! That’s why I’ve apologized to Eldar and said that I want to marry him”, – said Anna Sazhina after show. Anna and Eldar haven’t thought about when and where their wedding will take place but it’s seems to be that the most important day of their life will be in Baku.

Let us remind that it was the first Eurovision Dance Contest for Azerbaijan. The couple that represented country Anna Sazhina and Eldat Dhafarov took honorable 5th place. “It is a great result for us! We are back to Azerbaijan totally impressed and happy with it. We are grateful to Eldar and Anna for such representation of Azerbaijan and our dancing culture in Europe!”, - said after contest the Head of Azerbaijan delegation Adil Kerimli.

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Before the show - new video

An hour before Azerbaijan couple will be on the stage of EDC 2008 - final video of performance preparation. All couple's rehearsals in one video. Its the most important show in Eldar and Anna's life. Be there for them. Vote - 04 Azerbaijan!

It's time!!!

Every story has its beginning! And now we've got to our story's culmination!! Can you believe it? It's today! The one and only official day! A day when Anna and Eldar destiny completely in your hands. Main day of Eurovision Dance Contest 2008!

Do you remember everything we've gone through? Who could've knew that they will get so far when Anna first met Eldar in Baku or when she herd late at night a beautiful piece from Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical The Phantom of the Opera?

They're true journey to Glasgow began in USA and Italy. In the 30th of August they officially said good-bye to everybody in Baku on the press-conference. Every day in Glasgow was a new beginning and new journey for Eldar and Anna – rehearsals, meeting with other couples and press, walking in the rain on the Glasgow's streets in kilts, wearing their own costumes, final trainings, a lot of joy, laugh, friendship and love. Their life changing decision was made in Glasgow when Eldar proposed to Anna just a couple days before the contest! They will marry if they win – it's Anna's only condition. And we must do our best to make them happy. They totally deserve it. Let's help Eldar and Anna, let's watch their passionate and the most romantic dance on the Eurovision Dance Contest Phantom of the Opera show. Your every vote is vote for young LOVE and beautiful story. Your every vote is one step on the way to endless happiness. Vote for 04 Azerbaijan! Vote for Eldar & Anna! Vote for Love!

Backstage life of EDC 2008

This is how every couple and, of course, the most passionate and romantic one - Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina - live their every day backstage on Eurovision Dance Contest in Glasgow!

Vote for Azerbaijan - our number on EDC 2008 this evening is 04!!

Interview 04 Azerbaijan: Eldar & Anna after main rehearsal on the 5th of September

EDC 2008. Main rehearsal Azerbaijan. Eldar & Anna

Friday, September 5, 2008

EDC 2008 video from the first rehearsal 04 Azerbaijan in costumes - new!

EDC 2008 video from the first rehearsal 04 Azerbaijan in costumes! It was shot with hidden camera during rehearsal of Eldar and Anna. By the way, we’ve got information that during live broadcast on the 6th of September some hand balances will change in very interesting spectacular way! Don’t miss it!!

The first rehearsal in costumes!!

Photos by Sergey Illin

New video is up!

New exclusive video! Just go and watch shots from the training session of all 14 couples, Eldar&Anna press-conference with future marrige conformation after they win Eurovision Dance Contest in Glasgo, training session of their performance The Phantom of the Opera, photosession on the streets of Glasgo and much more beautiful things! Watch it now! Vote for Azerbaijan!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Azerbajian couple official confirmed their plans to marry!

It was a very busy day for Azerbaijan couple Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina - they've got a press-conference earlier today. Eldar & Anna confirmed that they're about to get married after contest in Glasgow in case of their victory. Journalists were very interested in this news. It was the best press-conference of all 14 which took place in Glasgow. Even TV journalists from BBC were there after they've skipped every other press-conference.

Eldar and Anna answered all the questions and even said where their marriage party will take place. It's gonna be later in Baku. By the way both Eldar and Anna were wearing kilts to the press-conference.
They met a couple from
Ireland on the way out of the press-hall and had a little chat with them. Both couples were very glad to see each other. Eldar and Anna said that they have always wanted to understand how to dance The Hornpipe - one of the national Irish dances. So Ireland couple teaches them a few steps! In same queue Eldar teach Irish guys how to dance Azerbaijan national dance Land of Fires.
It weren't a secret for press that Eldar and Anna's destiny is really depending on Eurovision Dance Contest results. This is our choice to make - whether we want them to be happy or not. Anna and Eldar needs all our support right now - their future in our hands. How can we help? Watch live broadcasting of Eurovision Dance Contest on the 6th of September and vote for
Azerbaijan. Their number is 04!!!

Rainy day in Glasgow - new video!!!

Do you remember this awesome day in Glasgow with Eldar and Anna? We've got a video for you! Rainy city, beautiful couple, dances in the streets. Watch it now! Vote on the 6th of September during the live show! 04 is Azerbaijan!

Azerbaijan couple Eldar & Anna getting married if they win?!

Breaking news from Eurovision Dance Contest in Glasgow! An unexpected statement was made on the second day of Eurovision week by Eldar Dzhafarov. “I proposed to Anna few days ago after we finished all our preparation to the contest! She accepted my proposal but only on one condition - she will marry me if we win Eurovision Dance Contest on the 6th of September” – said Eldar Dzhafarov.
Eldar and Anna have been together for 4 years already. They started dating after they met for the first time in January 2005 in Baku. Anna always says that she never doubted her love to Eldar and always wanted to become his wife. So why did she put this condition on??? “Because it’s very important for me and for Eldar! We really want our couple be the first on this contest. Before we did promise to dedicate our possible victory to each other but suddenly Eldar proposed me and I put this condition on. So let’s see how strong our love is! Now both of us want to show our best on the dance floor to prove our love win this contest and finally get married”.
Azerbaijan couple started their official daily training on the main dance floor in the SECC. Also Eldar & Anna decided to practice additionally on the stage of the Glasgow Theatre School. In spite of the fact that their performance is absolutely ready Anna worried a little bit about final results of the contests because their future depends on the contest. Meanwhile her partner Eldar more optimistic and don’t isn’t nervous about the contest. In coming days he wants to visit one of the jewellery shops in Glasgow to choose a wedding ring for his love. In addition Eldar wants to organize an unofficial stag party in one of the local pubs.

Photo by Sergey Illin

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A day in Glasgow - photostory!

On the third day in Glasgow Eldar and Anna finally have found some time to check out the main street of the city with souvenire shops of any kind! They've couldn't resist to buy a kilts, of course! But Eldar and Anna have never been common tourists - they've put everything on and went to explore the city!

But Eldar left on himself some spectacular parts of training clothes with his country's name on it - AZERBAIJAN. By the way Anna also has got such costume. This cool training clothes for the couple were maid in Baku for Eurovision Dance Contest only.

Eldar and Anna are so interesting and cheerful couple that people on the streets couldn't resist to ask for pictures with them!

They've tried to calm down just a little but you know them - it was for a couple minutes at most!

So nobody was surprised when everything finished with dance. Eldar and Anna tried to teach a couple of moves to everybody who wants in rain! It was so new and unexpected for Glasgow citizens!

When somebody asked where are they from Eldar and Anna said they're Azerbaijan couple for Eurovision Dance Contest. After that audience of the street show just asked wich numder should they vote on the 6th of September? Answer is easy - 04 Azebaijan!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Main Promo Video is up!

Today we present you an exclusive main promo video of Eldar and Anna. The Azerbaijan couple is the only newcomer of this year's Eurovision Dance Contest. This video will give you the opportunity to see some of the shots that wil be shown in couple's postcard during the live offical broadcast on the 6th of September from Glasgow!

Press-conference in Baku

Press-conference devoted to the departure of our beautiful couple Eldar and Anna to Glasgow to Eurovision Dance Contest has been held on the 30th of August. Representatives of leading broadcasters, radiostations, printed and internet mass-media have gathered in conference hall of Ictimai TV. Eldar and Anna were very exited about contest, friendly answered all questions and even danced a part from their performance for journalists.

A lot of questions about The Phantom of the Opera music decision, dance itself and relationships between Eldar and Anna were asked. A couple said that national flavor in the performance will be saved by the arrangement of music "Phantom of the Opera" including national music instrument "tar", elements of "Land of Fires" traditional dance included in the dance routine and usage of national decoration element "but" on Eldar's tailcoat and Anna's dress.

Anna and Eldar themselves said they aimed to hit one of the three top places. As their main rivals they consider couples from Ukraine, Russia and Denmark.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Exclusive! Child photos - Eldar and Anna!!

Today we have desiced to share with you one very special almost photshoot - we've found in Eldar's and Anna achives their own, very interesting and very unique photos! Can you imaging them as a little boy and a little girl? Check it out and don't forget - every photo is clickable!

On the road to Glasgow!

Eldar and Anna as well as official delegationare going to Glasgow on the 1st of September! There are going to be a lot of training sessions during the whole period before Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. Eldar and Anna will have only 4 days to practice at Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center where contest will take place this year. Also they will take part in press conferences.
–ěn the 30th of August the most romantic couple of Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 will take part in press conference in Baku for final questions from journalist and to say goodbye to everybody. Don’t forget to watch and vote. Be there for Eldar and Anna at Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 on the 6th of September. The couple's number is 4!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New beautiful video!

We've got new beautiful video of Eldar and Anna. It's an amazing mix of photoshoots and shootings in rehearsal room during couple's preparation for Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. Great shots from Baku at Caspian Sea are also included. It's a secret place for Eldar and Anna trainings at sunsets. Dance on a fresh air in a warm evenings is their tradition!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Performance: The Phantom of the Opera

Performance of Anna and Eldar is easy to name the most unexpected mix of Eurovision Dance Contest 2008. Young and attractive couple from the only newcomer of this contest Azerbaijan will perform dance based on the song from famous Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical The Phantom of the Opera. In 2 minutes appearance they’ll combine 3 absolutely different parts (!):

1st part is ballroom and it is contains elements of foxtrot and passionate tango.

2nd part is Latin and it is includes elements and movements of romantic and sexual dances rumba and passo.

3rd and the most important part of their performance is called Land of Fires and it is includes elements of the Azerbaijani national ethnic dances.

“We used national elements at the beginning of our performance to give audience possibility to feel the real atmosphere of Azerbaijan and our national dance culture. After Land of Fires audience will see a passo division and all other dancing parts of our performance” – told Eldar Dzhafarov.

The main idea of Azerbaijani performance – dreams become true!

In musical phantom Erik is a master for young Christine. With Erik’s help Christine becomes the best singer in the Opera house and in such way her secret dream becomes real.

In dance performance Phantom of the Opera Eldar will be master for Anna. They try to put story from musical on the language of dance. This evening (6th of September at 21:00 CET) the secret dream of Anna will become real. With the help of her master she will dance for millions of people as her life and faith will get a new beautiful meaning!

Music. Eldar & Anna will perform dance on the song by Sarah Brightman and Steve Harley from The Phantom of the Opera in new unexpected arrangement with elements of Azerbaijani ethnic music.

Costumes of the couple number 04 will also contain national elements.

Order of their performance at EDC is 4!

Azerbaijani and Ukrainian dance couples are switching partners

Azerbaijani participants of Eurovision Dance Contest 2008 Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina organized a three-day visit to Kyiv. In Ukraine they finalized production of video materials for the postcard for the contest with famous Ukrainian director Oles Sanin, had a studio portfolio photosession and almost finished working on their soundtrack «The Phantom of Opera» in new arrangement. In last day of their visit on the 14th of August Eldar and Anna met with Ukrainian participants of contest and unexpectedly switching partners during friendly master-class.

During a three-day visit to Kyiv Azerbaijani dance couple Eldar & Anna didn’t miss their chance to meet one of their competitors on the Contest Ukrainian dance couple. They had a short training session in one of local dance rooms where Azerbaijani couple demonstrated elements of Azerbaijani ethnic dance “Land of Fires” for Ukrainian contestants. For Liliya Podkopaeva and her partner Serhij Kostetskiy it was quite difficult to learn movements from the Azerbaijani dance because for both of them it was something unique.

After some time Eldar suggested switching partners for passionate rumba dance. “We will organize Azerbaijani dance party in Glasgow and invite you in advance. So now we have great opportunity for practice how we will dance there” told Eldar and start dancing with Liliya. Regardless to significant difference in height, first dance try turned out to be successful for them as they caught the moment of mutual understanding. This even made Anna a bit jealous, as she and Eldar are not only dance-couple but as well life-couple.

Performing in front of many journalists, photographers and cameras, Azerbaijani couple couldn’t escape giving interviews and posing for pictures. Afterwards Eurovision Dance Contest participants exchanged gifts. Eldar and Anna presented an old-fashioned Azerbaijani knife and flowers. Dancing acquaintance probably would never end, if Eldar & Anna didn’t have to catch their flight back to Baku. At the end of the meeting couples quickly shared experience and impression of their preparing to final show in Glasgow on September 6th.