Thursday, September 4, 2008

Azerbajian couple official confirmed their plans to marry!

It was a very busy day for Azerbaijan couple Eldar Dzhafarov and Anna Sazhina - they've got a press-conference earlier today. Eldar & Anna confirmed that they're about to get married after contest in Glasgow in case of their victory. Journalists were very interested in this news. It was the best press-conference of all 14 which took place in Glasgow. Even TV journalists from BBC were there after they've skipped every other press-conference.

Eldar and Anna answered all the questions and even said where their marriage party will take place. It's gonna be later in Baku. By the way both Eldar and Anna were wearing kilts to the press-conference.
They met a couple from
Ireland on the way out of the press-hall and had a little chat with them. Both couples were very glad to see each other. Eldar and Anna said that they have always wanted to understand how to dance The Hornpipe - one of the national Irish dances. So Ireland couple teaches them a few steps! In same queue Eldar teach Irish guys how to dance Azerbaijan national dance Land of Fires.
It weren't a secret for press that Eldar and Anna's destiny is really depending on Eurovision Dance Contest results. This is our choice to make - whether we want them to be happy or not. Anna and Eldar needs all our support right now - their future in our hands. How can we help? Watch live broadcasting of Eurovision Dance Contest on the 6th of September and vote for
Azerbaijan. Their number is 04!!!

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