Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's time!!!

Every story has its beginning! And now we've got to our story's culmination!! Can you believe it? It's today! The one and only official day! A day when Anna and Eldar destiny completely in your hands. Main day of Eurovision Dance Contest 2008!

Do you remember everything we've gone through? Who could've knew that they will get so far when Anna first met Eldar in Baku or when she herd late at night a beautiful piece from Andrew Lloyd-Webber's musical The Phantom of the Opera?

They're true journey to Glasgow began in USA and Italy. In the 30th of August they officially said good-bye to everybody in Baku on the press-conference. Every day in Glasgow was a new beginning and new journey for Eldar and Anna – rehearsals, meeting with other couples and press, walking in the rain on the Glasgow's streets in kilts, wearing their own costumes, final trainings, a lot of joy, laugh, friendship and love. Their life changing decision was made in Glasgow when Eldar proposed to Anna just a couple days before the contest! They will marry if they win – it's Anna's only condition. And we must do our best to make them happy. They totally deserve it. Let's help Eldar and Anna, let's watch their passionate and the most romantic dance on the Eurovision Dance Contest Phantom of the Opera show. Your every vote is vote for young LOVE and beautiful story. Your every vote is one step on the way to endless happiness. Vote for 04 Azerbaijan! Vote for Eldar & Anna! Vote for Love!

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