Saturday, September 6, 2008

Eldar & Anna: Our love is stronger than any results!

The debut of Azerbaijan couple on EDC 2008 finished with a very pleasant scandal! Just after their dance during interview to show’s host Claudia Winkelman Eldar Dzhafarov officially proposed to his partner Anna Sazhina in the eyes of millions of viewers of live broadcast. It was Eldar’s way to show to Anna and the whole world that his feelings to Anna are true and that he really wants to marry her. Anna was very impressed when Eldar answered show’s host question “Are you really going to married in case of your victory at Eurovision Dance Contest?” with kneeling before his partner and presenting her with beautiful diamond ring. Anna was so touched that she couldn’t even answered, she just couldn’t control herself and her feelings. Audience of SECC was very impressed with Eldar’s present and was trying to help Anna with their applauses. But the technical personal and operations stuff were the most impressed because this part wasn’t in show’s script at all!

Azerbaijan couple took the 5th place at the first Eurovision Dance Contest for their country. A few days before during the press-conference Eldar said that he proposed to Anna but she answered that she will marry him in case of their victory at Eurovision Dance Contest. After official results of the contest Anna apologized to Eldar for testing the straight of his feelings to her. She put her ring on and said that she will marry her dance partner. “Before I was thinking about the contest only as well as Eldar. When everything was finished and we knew results I’ve understood that it is not so important whether we win or not. Our love stronger that any results and contests! That’s why I’ve apologized to Eldar and said that I want to marry him”, – said Anna Sazhina after show. Anna and Eldar haven’t thought about when and where their wedding will take place but it’s seems to be that the most important day of their life will be in Baku.

Let us remind that it was the first Eurovision Dance Contest for Azerbaijan. The couple that represented country Anna Sazhina and Eldat Dhafarov took honorable 5th place. “It is a great result for us! We are back to Azerbaijan totally impressed and happy with it. We are grateful to Eldar and Anna for such representation of Azerbaijan and our dancing culture in Europe!”, - said after contest the Head of Azerbaijan delegation Adil Kerimli.

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